An AI-Based Fast Design Method for New Centrifugal Compressor Families

TitleAn AI-Based Fast Design Method for New Centrifugal Compressor Families
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsBicchi M, Biliotti D, Marconcini M, Toni L, Cangioli F, Arnone A
Date Published06/2022
ISSN Number2075-1702
Accession NumberWOS:000818354800001
Other NumbersScopus 2-s2.0-85132190786

Limiting the global warming effects claims for a sudden reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to pursue a net-zero carbon growth in the next decades. Along with this energy transition, drastic and rapid changes in demand are expected in many sectors, including the one of centrifugal compressors. In this context, new aerodynamic design processes exploiting the know-how of existing impeller families to generate novel centrifugal compressors could quickly react to demand variations and ensure companies’ success. Modifying the characteristics of existing compressors using a 1D single-zone model is fast way to exploit this know-how. Besides, artificial intelligence could be useful to highlight relationships between geometrical parameters and performance, thus facilitating the achievement of optimized machines for new applications. Although scientific literature shows several studies on mono-dimensional approaches, the joint use of a 1D single-zone model with an artificial neural network for designing new impellers from pre-engineered ones lacks. Such model is provided in this paper. An application to the case study of an expander-compressor impeller family derived from other existing natural gas liquefaction one is presented. Results prove that the proposed model enables developing a new family from an existing one, improving the performance while containing design time and computational efforts.

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