Aerothermal Investigation of Turbine Endwalls and Blades

Contract no. G4RD-CT-1999-00055
Project no.
Coordinator: Rolls-Royce Deutschland

start: February 2000
duration: 48 months
status: partner






RRD (D), ABB Alstom (UK), Fiat Avio (I), ITP (E), MTU (D), Turbomeca (F), Volvo Aero (S), Snecma Moteurs (F), DLR (D), VKI (B), University of Cambridge (UK), University of Karlsruhe (D), University of Florence DEF (I), UniBw. Munich (D), IMP PAN, University of Berlin (D)



The AITEB consortium involves 16 partners from 8 different European countries.
The overall objective is to submit an integrated technology and design project for improved cooling methods and numerical aerothermal design tools of complex, 3D turbomachinery components. In more detail:

  • obtain a detailed experimental data base in separated and 3D flows
  • verify and improve new cooling technologies on turbine endwalls
  • improve current design methods by correlations
  • validate and improve CFD-codes by experimental data
  • optimizing CFD-application in an industrial environment, resulting in reduced design risk and timescales

The expected results in terms of increasing engine industry competitiveness are:

  • increased turbine peak cycle temperature
  • increased component life or reduced coolant flows
  • improved SFC
  • shorter pre-production timescales & cost through "righter" first time