Development of Innovative Techniques for Compressor Aero-mechanical Design

Contract no. ENK5-CT-2000-00086
Project no. NNE5-1999-20131
Coordinator: Nuovo Pignone (IT)

duration: 36 months
status: partner





Contractors: Nuovo Pignone (I), ABB Alstom Power (S), ABB Alstom Power (UK), University of Florence DEF (I), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (S), University of Durham (UK)



The aim of this project is to enhance the performance of industrial gas turbines by introducing advanced axial compressor design methodologies; the results of this activity will lead to new machine designs having higher efficiencies and improved availability and reliability. The project is specially concerned with the aeromechanical design of highly loaded compressor stages. Main research issues and technical objectives are: integrated design systems for high loading and high efficiency stages; development of blade dynamics design tools, including forced response methods; analysis of blade tip effects including leakages and active blade clearance control systems.